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PDF File Recovery

No worries about power outages. With a WPS Premium, your PDF files will be autosaved and recovered if damaged.

Cloud Collaboration

Working from home has never been so easy. Your colleagues can join online collaboration to work with you.

Available on 9 Devices

Say goodbye to 'one account for one device'. Now you can use WPS Premium benefits on up to 9 devices.

20 GB of Cloud Storage

No worries about limited capacity. WPS Premium users can enjoy 20 GB of cloud storage that is absolutely safe.

Offer a Solution

For students

Have you ever been troubled by writing a report about which you have no idea?

WPS Office provides more than 10,000 templates designed by experts. You can choose the presentation templates as required and modify them with ease.

For business users

Have you ever complained about complicated project processes?

Use WPS Office to build your own timetable and make sure every step is under control.

For financial staffs

Have you ever worked overtime for salary calculation at the end of the month?

WPS Spreadsheet can help you simplify the entire process and save you from overtime work.

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