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1.What is the student verification process, and why do I need to provide my academic email?
To verify your student status, you need to provide your academic email address. Once you submit it, we'll send a verification code to that email to ensure you're a legitimate student and eligible for the student discount and extra WPS Pro days.
2.Should I sign in using my academic account or my WPS Office account?
Your academic email address is for verification purposes ONLY. If you already have a WPS Office account, you have to sign in using your WPS Office account. If you don’t have a WPS Office account, you can register by using your academic email address or other emails you preferred.
3.How long does it take to receive the verification code after submitting my academic email?
The time to receive the code can vary, but it typically arrives within a few minutes. It might take longer based on your email service provider and network conditions.
4.Can I use any email address for verification, or does it specifically have to be my academic email?
You must use your academic email for verification. This helps us validate your student status with your educational institution. If your academic email doesn't include .edu or .ac, click "I don’t have an .edu/.ac email" to report your situation.
5.What if I don't receive the verification code for my academic email?
Check your spam or junk folder first. If it's not there, you can try the "Resend" option. Make sure you provided the correct academic email during verification.
6.Can I use the student discount and extra WPS Pro days if I'm not a new user?
Yes, both new and existing users can use the student discount and extra Pro days. Apply the discount and receive the additional Pro days after successful student verification.
7.How do I refer other students for verification, and how do I get the extra 30 days of free WPS Pro for each referral?
After your own verification, you can refer classmates by inserting their academic email addresses and sending invitation emails or sharing your unique referral link. When someone verifies their student status using your link and claims the benefits, you'll get the extra 30 days of free WPS Pro.
8.Is there a limit to the number of students I can refer, and what are the eligibility criteria for referred students?
You can refer up to 10 students. Referred students need valid academic email addresses from recognized educational institutions to qualify for verification.